Revelation On Grace Street With Rabbi Cahn!

Rabbi Jonathan CahnIt was a morning of sheer ‘Revelation’ on Grace Street at Morningside as Rabbi Jonathan Cahn shared what the Lord has been doing in his life since the book “The Harbinger” was launched on the Jim Bakker Show on January 2, 2012, Pastor Jim’s birthday. “The Harbinger” remains on the New York Times bestseller list for the 28th week in a row and has now sold over 600,000 copies!

After catching up on current life events, the Rabbi and Pastor Jim began to share about the world situation and how despite all of the warnings the Lord is so graciously giving to this country, we continue to arrogantly defy Him and refuse to repent of our sins. The Rabbi said that America has more to answer to God for than any other nation (except Israel) because it was founded on Godly principles – the same principles that it now has turned its back on. Continue reading

Fourth Of July Ends With A Monumental Comeback

The Fourth of July celebration at Morningside ended with more than a concert.

It ended with a celebration of the redemptive power of Jesus when Tammy Sue Bakker took the stage for her first concert appearance in eight years!

The evening began with Pastor Jim Bakker taking the stage to welcome the crowd and talk about the joy of a great week at Morningside. He thanked everyone for their faithful attendance to the events and then introduced Pastor Cedric Hayes and the Master’s Choir. Continue reading

Land Claimed For Lori’s House

jim-bakker-show-loris-house-prayer (1)

After yesterday’s taping of the Jim Bakker Show with Rabbi Jonathan Cahn, Pastors Jim and Lori Bakker invited everyone in attendance to join them on the new site of Lori’s House.  Together, they walked the land and claimed victory in the name of Christ for the building of the home to provide unwed mothers a place to go and find help, peace, medical attention and safety.

In addition to helping women who believe they have no choice but abortion see a real alternative, it will also be a place that post-abortive women will be able to find help recovering.  Continue reading

Teamwork Makes the Dream Work Conference – Update

The conference was reported as a blessed time and a huge success. There were over 200 Pastors in attendance when Pastor Jim Bakker preached a dynamic message titled “Woe! Woe! Woe!” There are approximately 106 woes mentioned in the bible. “Woe” in the Bible means grief and/or torment. Pastor Jim went over some of the key “woes” in the bible (Ecclesiastes 4:3, Isaiah 33:11, Jeremiah 23:33, Ezekiel 34:1). The emphasis was placed on two of the strongest “woes”: to those that call evil good and good evil, and to the shepherds that take care of themselves and not their flock.


Continue reading

A Day of Joy

Pastor Jim Bakker with Russ Taff Show 1897Just when we thought it couldn’t get any better with all of the incredible surprise guests at this grand and special occasion of Pastor Jim’s 50th Year in Ministry, they blew the lid off with a virtual parade of super stars and friends from days gone by! Pastor Jim said “they say you can’t go home again, but today I feel like I’m finally home.”

When Russ Taff came through those doors, we all thought Pastor Jim was going to lose it! He was like a little boy again, pure delight and joy danced across his face! Lori was a bit star-struck and told Russ that even when she was not living for God, there were three Christian artists she would still listen to; Amy Grant, Kathy Troccoli, and Russ! Continue reading

Morningside’s Disaster Response Team

The Generation NOW News Network traveled through flooded and storm damaged areas in Missouri, Tennessee, Alabama, and Mississippi offering assistance.

Pastor Gary Adams took a team and supplies to Morehouse, MO to help with rebuilding efforts.  Pastor Jim Bakker along with the Master’s Media students and other volunteers were able to bring food and other supplies to Joplin, MO.

Source: WLBT 3 – Government maintains retaining walls, levees in Vicksburg

A Cinderella Story Times Two

We are all familiar with the Cinderella story of how a poor little servant girl became a princess. In that wonderful story, Cinderella had no ambitions of becoming a princess, but she was magically thrust forward into it by true love.

Not too long ago, I wrote a blog about the first time I saw Maricela. She was filthy from head to toe standing at the top of a stairway in danger of falling. She has come a long way since that day; from destruction to destiny, a real-life Cinderella!

My life has truly been a Cinderella story as well in the last 12 years, and the magic was by design of my Creator, Savior and Lord. In 1998, when Jim and I married, Pastor Lloyd Zeigler presented me with a pair of old worn-out shoes, representing my old life. He then presented a beautiful pair of glass slippers representing how my life had been changed into a Cinderella story with this surreal romance and marriage to the very high profile Mr. Jim Bakker. I was suddenly in front of millions of people on nationwide television telling our love story.

While in Master’s Commission in Phoenix, my mentor and teacher for 10 years was Pastor Lloyd Zeigler. He was my covering and spiritual leader until Jim came along. I learned how to be a true servant through this humble man whom God has used to equip young leaders to be servants first in the Kingdom. Jesus was the ultimate servant-leader, serving humanity by humbling himself even to his death on the cross.

Humility is not so much taught as it is caught. I remember once when it was time for our group to leave for an event, they sent me to knock on Pastor Lloyd’s hotel room door. When he answered, he said he had to finish cleaning the bathtub before he would be ready to go! You see, he taught us to always leave a place cleaner than when we came – even our hotel rooms. When you have a servant-leader who models true servanthood, as Pastor Lloyd did to us, you begin to understand that it’s not so much about living your dreams as it is about dieing to self.

Just as the Cinderella story came true in my life, it has also come true in Maricela’s. I didn’t have much of a chance in life if I had continued my sinful ways. Maricela didn’t have much of a chance if she stayed in the ghetto. But God had other plans.

Cinderella represents the dreams of many young women who are trapped in lives going nowhere…. Fast. But even Cinderella can’t compare with the utter transformation in the lives of those who follow the real Prince – the Prince of Peace, our Jesus!

Watch Maricela and John’s wedding ceremony with us tomorrow at and click on the “watch us live” tab.

Who knows, you may even see a glass slipper or two!